Aug 31 & Sep 1

Travel Information

Road Travel & Conditions

All roads leading into Birdsville are UNSEALED and demand driver concentration. Caution and adequate preparation are necessary when travelling on outback roads. Please ensure that excess fuel, water, food, medical supplies and spare tyres are carried in case of emergency.

The speed limit on all Queensland roads, including open surface (i.e. unsealed) is 100 kilometres per hour unless otherwise signposted.

Please take care when driving:

  • be aware of stock and wildlife on or near the road, especially at night;
  • drive at a speed to suit the road surface conditions and visibility;
  • towing vehicles can raise dust, the best approach is to stay well left and slow down or pull off until visibility is restored. Do not overtake if you can't see clearly;
  • always err on the side of caution.

The following links provide the most up to date information on road and weather conditions in the Birdsville area.

Please note that while in Birdsville usual road rules apply including the wearing of seatbelts on all public roads including through and within the river campgrounds. Traffic police will be on duty and enforce a zero tolerance policy to traffic infringements - strict penalties will apply.

Queensland Police offer a free "blow before you go" service from 7am to 10am on the Sunday following the Birdsville Cup. Visitors are encouraged to use this service to test their blood alcohol level before leaving Birdsville.

Air Travel


A per person landing/access fee applies for all persons utilising Birdsville Aerodrome during the Birdsville Races period. Toilet and shower facilities are provided for those wishing to camp by their aircraft at no extra cost.

The Ballina Aero Club is responsible for Birdsville Aerodrome management during race week. Information for all travelling by aircraft to Birdsville in 2014 is available here.

Travel Planning

For further travel information and travel planning check out

For remote area communications the Australian National 4WD Radio Network Inc. telephone contact is - (08) 8287 6222

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